Hi! I’m Natalie, a librarian and college writing instructor currently finishing my Ph.D. in English Literature.

I decided to start blogging because, after years of writing in an academic bubble, I have found I really enjoy public writing about popular culture, society, reading, writing and sharing ideas with others in more open spaces. So I wanted to start a blog where I can write brief “bite-sized” posts— easy to “consume” at no longer than 500 words—about reading, writing, and culture and hopefully open up a dialogue with others!

I believe that what makes books, movies, and television shows so interesting is talking with others about them. And thinking about how we make connections with the different media that we consume and share with each other. So I hope to connect with y’all on what we think about books, movies, films, and such!

Outside of my librarian work and finishing my dissertation I have my Grambites Digitial Humanities Project that I am developing, and WriteBites, online tutoring and consulting centered around writing, literature, and building transferable skills in humanities, research, and analysis.

Other than that, when I spend a lot of my time chasing my 100-pound golden-doodle Ziggy off of the couch, doing as many outdoor activities as I can (horseback-riding, kayaking, etc…), cooking with my SO, and drinking more coffee than is good for me.

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