The Waste Land – Eliot’s Chess Game

At the library I work at, I am helping facilitate the lending of a couple of items for a T.S. Eliot exhibit at the World Chess Hall of Fame here in St. Louis in May. They have asked for a couple of items whose editions would have likely been ones Eliot was familiar with or…

“I should defile myself again…” St. Augustine and his mother, Monica

It is officially March tomorrow and that means Women’s History Month. And I have been thinking a lot about women authors and women in literature. I am currently working on an idea for a course on examples of women in late classical/early medieval women in literature. Here is a bite of what I have been…

The influence of a woman storyteller: Dorothy L. Sayers

I was prompted recently to think about woman storytellers who have influenced me. I immediately thought of Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957), a woman author who has meant a lot to my growth as an independent woman, and in my academics and faith. Sayers was an English crime writer, scholar, and poet. She was in the…

Beowulf: Maria Dahvana Headley Translation

Over the past year I finally read Maria Dahvana Headley’s The Mere Wife, a retelling of the Beowulf story, which is fantastic and I will write about later. More recently, her translation of Beowulf was released and I believe it may be the most compelling translation to come out since Seamus Heaney’s version was published…


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